15.Canada. idk I just really love hockey.
Bruins is my team Leafs is my home Stars was a accident but now im attached.


15.Canada. idk I just really love hockey.
Bruins is my team Leafs is my home Stars was a accident but now im attached.


I like new friends because I can reuse old jokes

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brendan smith isn’t dirty he’s just stupid

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"you should never wish an injury on a player" yeah but you see I’m a piece of shit so

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Regular season: I’m not a fan of that player but I respect his skills and he seems like a decent human being.


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i mean all things considered the bolts did way too well considering they lost stamkos early in the season and that had drama with st.louis but they still made the playoffs and got home ice advantage they had to dress 8 rookies at some point in the playoffs and rely on their back up goalies and next year they get drouin im ready for them to beat ass 

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I initially wanted to do this once I hit the 1000 followers mark,  But that happened on the night the Leafs lost their 8th game in a row, and I was too sad.  We can also attribute that to me being evil and lazy.  Then I planned on doing this once I hit 1050………. but I’m actually kind of impatient.  If that makes any sense.  ANYWHO!  Enough of my insane ramblings.  As a token of my appreciation for you putting up with my rabid fangirling (I am a grown-ass woman who enjoys hockey, but also appreciates a fine piece of ass when I see one), here is my Follow Forever list of blogs that I either frequently talk to or just think they’re plain awesome.
If I left your name out, please do not take it as a personal slight.  I follow so many blogs it’s hard to keep track.  Just remember I love and appreciate you all equally! <3333

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Carbomb interacting with Flyers fans after his goal


the ref puts the whistle between his lips but doesn’t blow it

it’s a metaphor

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